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Coworking…. What is coworking? Coworking is a new trend in a more flexible, user friendly and more vibrant working environment. Coworking is a shared office space on a permanent or temporary basis. Coworking works so that a person can rent just a desk and not a full office for indefinite period of time or just for a day, week, month or a few days per month. Or even few hours. It’s flexible. It’s desk on the go.

More and more coworking spaces are springing up in cities, both major and smaller. There is heaps of available office space that needs to be utilized and on the other side there is a large number of self employed or freelance young professionals. And putting the two together you get a coworking environment, a coworking space that is vibrant, energetic and fun to work at and use. It feels like a new world altogether.

There is no general standard how one coworking space looks and what it has to have. The general rule is that it has to have desks, chairs and internet connection. A must! However, some spaces are more office like, while some are more laid back or just like a living room back home. Also, the influence on how the coworking place looks like and feels like depends whether it is in the city, rural place or even a beach. Whatever the type or design is, the coworking is work place that is filled with positive energy, vibe, young professionals, new ideas and fun.

The benefit of using a coworking space, either on regular basis or from time to time, is the option to interact with other young professionals, exchange ideas and opinions, learn and profit from others point of view. All coworking spaces offer desk, chair, internet connection, printing facilities, kitchen, etc. Some, larger spaces, offer small office, conference rooms, quiet rooms, phone booths, fax and copy services, secretarial and business services. Actually, there is no limit on what it can be on offer.
Who uses coworking space? Young self employed professionals are main users of coworking space along with freelancers, journalists, independent contractors and people that frequently travel and during their work away from work need office, conference rooms, etc. The people that use the coworking space are work minded people, who do work and are not there for the socializing, although, socializing, kitchen and meeting other professionals is the key for the success of any coworking space.

Most importantly, coworking spaces offer the solution to isolation that many self employed and freelancers experience while working from home or from their couch. Anyway, being at one coworking space is a positive experience, meeting wonderful people, exchanging views and performing better.
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The ultimate question is whether to work at home or go to a cowork place. Well, both options have its advantages and disadvantages, it all depends how you look at it and what you want.

The biggest advantage for working at home is that you can do it from inside the bed, in your pajamas, undermining your personal appearances. Also, saving time and costs on travel. Liberty to shout, scream at the screen, not mind the desk cleanliness or kitchen rules for that matter. Also, not observing the social standards and rules.

On the other hand, the disadvantages at working from home are the occasional loneliness, lack of meeting new faces and exchanging opinions or views or just current events. Or just sliding slowly into day to day boredom and same continuity. Which is fine if you like that…?

Coworking offers the same amenities just like an office, which includes the desk space or private office space and communal space. The major advantage is that you only pay for the desk that you rent and for the period which you booked for. And just like at the regular office, you bring your own lunch, if you want. The advantages of cowork place are that there are others like you and many others that come and go and therefore you meet new people frequently. As a result the exchange of ideas and views is limitless and actually this is one of the greatest advantages of working at the coworking. As for other coworking the advantages are getting out of the home and dressing up and going to a shared office place and meeting other professionals just like you.

The disadvantages can be many, it all depends on personal tastes, and however, the major one is that there is no privacy like at working from home and you have to obey some general social rules and rules imposed by the cowork place too.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal take on whether you prefer the work alone from home or enjoy going to your booked desk and enjoy the atmosphere that coworking has to offer.

Coworking spaces

Their popularity of coworking spaces is ever so high. Every city on the planet has at least several coworking spaces to choose from. In general all coworking spaces are the same, where the desk or office is rented while the common facilities are shared. However, what makes the difference among coworking spaces are the crowd. The crowd defines the coworking spaces environment and vibe, from slow to fast passed, from subject oriented to more diversified interest.