About Us

Mydeskhub is a coworking portal that promotes new, casual and fun work spaces around the world. Our website offers two types of services, one for owners of office space and second for individual that is looking for work space and work desk.

We help individuals find work desk, work space or office within owners that have unused and spare desk, space or office. With our portal users can search numerous spaces around the world. Spare desk, work space, office or conference room can be easily booked for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly use directly with professionals that provide available space. Individuals need just to search for work space by typing the name of cowork space, city or country.

mydeskhub is a starting point for owners that have unused and available space. Our platform helps reduce overhead expenses, expands network and creates new business. Owners need to register at our website and list their cowork space.

What it costs?…

mydeskhub is free, there is no booking fee or booking commission imposed by us to both individuals looking for space and owners that have space to offer. We simply provide the name and location of listed coworking space. Individuals directly book available space with owner that offers space.

Is there any other cost?…

Yes, but its optional. mydeskhub only has one charge for owners who are listing their coworking space and is optional. This is a onetime charge for the period of one year to professionals who list their space and want to have a direct link to their website, email contact and up to four images of their work space. There is no booking commission.

At mydeskhub we want to bring coworkers and owners of coworking spaces together. Today there are over fifteen thousand busy coworking spaces, worldwide and the choice to choose one are limitless. We at mydeskhub want to help individuals search and locate the work space by typing into a search box the name of the coworking place, city, region or country or choosing from the city list. It is easy to choose the available cowork space from the list and to browse thought the images and to contact the owner of the coworking space directly.

The website was created by two coworking freaks, Miriam and Dan. Both have background in marketing and have worked for big names in NYC, London and Sydney. One day they changed their lives by deciding to travel the world and explore different cultures and places. Along the way they met numerous interesting people and visited many coworking spaces and the idea was set for mydeskhub. From then, everything else will be history…