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Coworking has been here for a while now and it never has been a better time to list your space. If you have unused office space that is fully equipped with desks, chairs, common space, kitchen and internet, then it is a natural step to benefit from it. By listing unused work space and creating it as coworking space the owner of premises can enjoy the new energy from the active and vibrant young professional crowd. There are several reasons for this:

  1. In the period of the last two decades the trend of self-employment has increased rapidly. The great number of professions is based on contract employment and self employment and these professions range from consultants, journalists, IT experts, engineers, etc. Also, many professionals that frequently travel use the coworking as their office.
  2. Due to global trend in promoting self employment many office premises, office parks and centers are lacking tenants and turning this space into coworking. Coworking space in general attracts various types of professionals and therefore the exchange of views and opinions is limitless.
  3. Creating dynamic and vibrant working environment and this is achieved by the people that come to the coworking place and also by the activities that are held and made at the work place. These activities can be in the range from promoting business ideas and strategies, evening classes and casual get-togethers. Frankly the choices are endless.
  4. Creating an exchange of young minds in order to further create new business ideas and trends. Perhaps this is one of the most valuable attributes of the coworking. Meeting new people, talking, discussing and exchanging opinions and views can result in new business ideas and strategies that can result in priceless moves.

Overall, a successful coworking place can and will generate revenue and it may result into a sound business venture, however, the added value are the people that use the coworking space and their unique views and vibrant energy that makes it a place to be a part of and the good reason to continue coming back.


It is difficult to predict the future or furthermore make any claims, but one thing is for sure and that is that the coworking will be there and probably would not be an alternative or a second option but an only option and first choice. The employment trend is changing fast and the way we work and the way we approach our work is that the increased number of people will be self employed professionals. Professionals under contract for certain projects.

Today we have over ten thousand coworking spaces and over half a million people that use it on daily basis. The year 2016 was one of the best years for coworking sector in respect to number of new places that opened and number of people that started and continue to work from shared space. The projections are that by year 2020 there will be over thirty thousand coworking spaces and that more than three million people will use shared space for work. This being said is that the coworking spaces in the near future will be larger and offer bigger number of desks, private offices and smaller meeting rooms. Even, regular office space and companies will follow the trend and redesign their premises to look and feel like the coworking space and this is for the result and benefit that at cowork the productivity can be higher due to constant exchange of ideas and views.

During our parents days, it was natural to work for the same employer for years, decades or even until retirement, today the average is four and half years that a single person is working for the same employer. In the future this average can only decrease. This leads that the definition of professional will change and that it will be more independent and that the employment will be based on providing its skills and consultancy for particular mandate. This will further result in transforming the office and working environment that we know today into more flexible, vibrant and dynamic. By flexible is meant that the physical office premises would change in something that we call today coworking space and vibrant and dynamic are what the people bring with them when they come to work at the cowork space.

All in all, the future will define and reshape the way we work and where we work and we can only presume that it will be fun and enjoyable. We can’t wait!


Coworking is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are using shared office space for their work on regular basis. Are there any general rules? Do we need them? Sure. Any place where there is a circulation of a number of people that share common space, such as kitchen, rooms, desks and (especially) toilets, the rules and guidelines are a must. And here are some:

  1. Be friendly! Respect others and their space; smile and be natural.
  2. Do not shout; do not slam doors. Keep your mobile ringer at reasonable sound level or next to low. Be discreet when talking on the phone; use a silent room, if none, then find an isolate place. Do not scream at the laptop!
  3. Your space, your desk is your little world. However, do not leave the garbage, papers, leftover food around. Collect and dispose properly. Keep in mind that no one else will do it on your behalf. Would you?
  4. When printer is out of paper, fill it up!
  5. When you leave the space or room, turn off the lights and other appliances.
  6. Wipe your shoes before you enter the cowork space.
  7. Do not steal chairs. Do not take three seats at the shared table if you are renting just one. Do not occupy the conference room if you already know that it is booked.
  8. The office manager is not your personal assistant. The manager’s work is to manage the cowork space.
  9. If you are too warm or too cold then dress appropriately but never readjust yourself the climate control.
  10. If someone is working or looks like is concentrated to work, do not interrupt him or her. Do not bring over friends for coffee and chat. People at cowork space are really working hard and prefer conditions for work.
  11. Kitchen is for sharing. Do not use other people food and drinks. Do not leave leftover food around. Throw away uneaten food. Clean your mess.
  12. Toilet is for sharing too! Flush, flush and flush! Replace used toilet paper. Refill soup and remember to close the toilet door.
  13. If coffee pot is empty, then make new coffee!