My Language Coach is a Language and Coaching Center for Professionals in the heart of Gracia, Barcelona.
It is a learning home that unites educators and entrepreneurs, all professionals whose common objective is to help people in their personal and professional development, in all sectors and in a variety of languages.
Its location is ideal since it is located at the foot of one of the streets with more traffic in the commercial area of Vila de Gracia and with a lot of people passing by.
In the center you can hold seminars, presentations, conferences, networking events, teach classes, do workshops, or simply hold meetings, meetings, and work in your quiet environment and charged with positive energy.
It has 4 classrooms and a patio, a small oasis of tranquility in the center of Barcelona, a small kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room, a small open coworking space in the front of the Center, and the reception with all the facilities (copier, printer, Wifi Internet etc)
It is an exclusive space created to encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, cooperation and education.